Sports Massage Harrogate FAQs


What should I wear?

An assessment is usually carried out at the beginning of a session, this may be done wearing clothing such as shorts/T-shirt/sports bra, it’s advisable for bulky clothing such as coats, hoodies, scarves etc to be removed so your therapist can observe your posture and how a joint is moving.

For a treatment to be effective it is usually necessary to remove some clothing. You can undress in private and it is possible to bring someone with you if required. Towels are provided and we will work within a clients comfort level. It is important you communicate with your therapist if you feel uncomfortable at any time. 

Please wear appropriate underwear, (including pants!) and remember it may be necessary to turn or change position during a treatment. Ladies if you require a shoulder/back massage a crossover sports /croptop bra is not ideal unless it can be unfastened easily.

Sports wear such as tracksuit bottoms/leggings/shorts/tshirt/vest top are usually the most appropriate as we may need to move you around to assess a joint or movement.

If possible please do not wear jeans/belts /non stretch clothing. If you are coming straight from work etc you can bring a change with you. It is important for your therapist to be able to assess whether a joint is restricted and that this restriction is not due to clothing.

Please avoid wearing strong perfume and applying excessive creams or pain relieving gels prior to the session.

What should I expect from a treatment?

A sports massage is a deep treatment and can cause some discomfort, this is normal and to a certain extent necessary to gain the full benefits. Again it is important you communicate with your therapist so we can work within your comfort levels. There may occasionally be some bruising depending on the injury and the individual. After a treatment it may take up to three or four days for the discomfort to subside and you start to feel an improvement. It may take several treatments to fully resolve a problem and in many cases people often benefit from ongoing maintenance treatments to support their rehab process and to prevent a re-occurrence.

For the best results sometimes it is necessary to work on structures other than where the pain/discomfort is felt, hamstring pain may require work to the hip flexors at the front of the thigh and to the back muscles for example so please dress accordingly or ask for advice at the time of booking.

Can I eat before a massage?

Please avoid drinking alcohol 24hrs before a treatment as this may dehydrate you and affect your pain tollerance, avoid eating an hour before as this affects blood flow to your muscles, and drink plenty of water 24-36hrs before and after treatment. If you are taking regular pain killers or any other medication please discuss this with your therapist when booking the session. 

If you are diabetic please be aware that massage can affect your blood sugars so it's advisable to bring a small snack with you for afterwards in case you need it. 

How old do I have to be?

While a full current disclosure and barring check is held, for the protection of the child and the therapist children under 16yrs require the written consent of a parent or guardian and may require an adult to accompany them or for a chaperone to be present.

If you would like a chaperone present during your session please discuss this when booking.

There is no upper age limit, if we can help we will. 

I don't feel very well is it still OK to come for treatment?

If you are ill or feeling unwell please consider re-booking your appointment, if you attend an appointment and are unwell you may be advised that the treatment session is not appropriate at that time. This is to prevent the spread of infection to the therapist and to other clients. It may also affect you as massage may increase the severity of your symptoms due to an increase in circulation.

If you have a medical condition for which sports massage may be contraindicated or which is unfamiliar to the therapist, we reserve the right to rebook your session once an appropriate disclaimer/referral has been sought.

If your condition or injury is beyond the scope of practice of the therapist you may be advised to seek a referral with an alternative therapist. We work with several local therapists and practitioners and can recommend this if appropriate. 

I've got an event on Saturday can you fix this injury/pain I've had for 6mths?

If you have been having regular treatment throughout your training then you will know how your body reacts to deep tissue treatment and how long it will take to recover. For some people they can train the same day, for others it can be 5days. I'm good but I'm not a miracle worker.....Ok, sometimes I am! 

If you have an event coming up then it's best to have deeper treatment at least A WEEK BEFORE!

If you're looking for someone to let you off the hook for an event that you haven't fully trained for then you need to have an honest conversation with yourself first. I do provide "honest conversations" they're free of charge!  

If you've had a knee pain for 6mths, what makes you think I can fix it in 30mins? ....and if you've had knee pain for that long are you fully prepared and conditioned for the event you're about to undertake? 

Very often injuries are caused by cummulative stress, the best way to treat this is with regular treatment and most likely some correctional work. It also means we can pick up injuries early before they become show stoppers. 

Left untreated a problem may require a deep treatment or a series of treatments which will probably leave you sore for a few days. This is not the situation you want to be in when you have an event. Regular treatment and planning people! 

If you've been organised enough to periodise your training then it's often a good idea to get some treatment during your recovery week. It's like servicing your car or putting it in for MOT. If you know you have a bit of a niggle, and it hasn't settled after 48hrs of rest then you'd probably benefit from treatment. IF YOU HAVE AN EVENT THEN PLAN YOUR TREATMENT ACCORDINGLY! (Yes I am shouting, I want to make sure you heard me!)

That's not to say I can't help, sometimes it's a taper tantrum brought on by pre-event stress but in general your body has a healing process and that takes time. Prevention is always better than cure!