Sports Massage Harrogate

The following are a few of the organisations and people we work with or think you might find useful: 

The Fitness Garage Harrogate

It's where we're currently based for sports massage and Sports Therapy, alongside the guys in the gym offering personal training and classes, so between us we've got you covered. Check out The Fitness Garage and sign up to the newsletter on their website. They also have Facebook and Instagram!



(Well it wouldn't be my website without a few links to this now would it!?)


Chillswim are a fantastic swim company, 

I did the cross Windermere swim with them in 2014.


Well run, fun and friendly swim events.

They also sell swim floats and lights so you can be seen and stay safe in open water. Check them out on the ChillSwim website

Runners and triathletes.......

One of the biggest reason we have runners on the treatment table is that they haven't built up the required strength, conditioning and flexibilty for what they are trying to do. There's loads of excellent advice on  the Kinetic Revolution website, including a free 30 day conditioning programme. 

Check out the Kinetic Revolution website.