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Reviews and Testimonials:

We work with a range of athletes and non sports people, however we do have a special interest in endurance athletes and triathlon, with several of our clients completing Ironman and Iron distance events as well ultra marathons:

Having been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my right knee and being in pain after a kick about with my five year old, I asked Sarah if she could have a look at my knee and give me some advice to help. 

Sarah tested the strength of my knee through various processes and exercises, followed by massage and manipulation of various areas surrounding the knee to stimulate and breakdown any weak areas. Following the treatment we talked about various strengthening exercises to help build the quads around the knee area.

After a day the soreness around my knee had gone and the exercise seem to be keeping it at bay. I would recommend Sarah due to her enthusiasm for what she does, she is very informative explaining what she is looking for and how she Is treating you."  Rob.G

I developed Carpal Tunnel through water retention with my pregnancy which led to weakness and constant pins and needles in my fingers. The physio department at the hospital gave me wrist splints which I found uncomfortable and very restrictive. Sarah taped my wrist to offer support and to remind my brain that my wrist needs to be as neutral as possible as much as possible. Since having my wrist taped I have been able to fully use my hand and I have no pins and needles in my hand. The strapping is so much more flexible than the splints and means I can have it on all the time and go about day to day activities."   KG

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Sarah has supported Knaresborough RUFC since Mid-November 2014. In this time she has been fully committed to supporting our players through the playing season. Sarah has attended club training sessions with the aim to support all with long term development, injury prevention and assessing players when recovering and returning to training. Having Sarah ‘hands on’ has meant that if any of our players have any problems or coaches have concerns about their players, Sarah is there to give advice on therapy or treatment as needed.

Sarah has the ability to explain any sports massage treatment required at a level that young and older players can understand. Over the last 4 months Sarah has liaised with coaches and club physiotherapist when a player has been injured and has seen her for a consultation and treatment. It has worked well because Sarah has fed back the outcome of the players injury and on occasions Sarah and the physio have devised the most suitable protocol for the player to return to playing. Sarah has used her sports massage and kinesiology tape knowledge to the optimum as required for players at the club. We are lucky to have Sarah on board to support our players recovery and rehab. We are happy that she is able to encourage our athletes to achieve their full potential whilst being confident that their general wellbeing is always taken care of." 

 - Andy King KRUFC

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Photo courtesy of Stuart Roebuck