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Determinants of sleep behaviour in multi sport athletes:

We know that lots of athletes do not get the suggested amount of sleep, which is generally around 7-8 hours but some studies suggest as much as 10 hours. Sleep has been shown to be really important for recovery, performance, cognitive function and even injury prevention. What we have less information about is why they're not getting the required amount and which of those factors is most important. 

If you're aged over 18yrs old, train regularly three or more times a week and have a match, race or sporting event in Feb/March/Early April, would be willing to down load a sleep app and tick a few boxes on a sleep diary for 28 days, please get in touch and I can send you the information. The study is open to team and individual athletes. 

As it's a 28 day study, the final cut off for taking part is the last week in March as I need time to write my dissertation and analyse the results before 7th May.