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Welcome to SportFixYorkshire

We believe in the benefits of sport and sports therapies for everybody; whether you’re a swimmer, runner, cyclist, weekend warrior, dog walker, fly a desk, or are a mum of young children, our aim is to help you achieve your target.

Based in Harrogate we offer sports massage, instrument assisted massage and Rocktape (kinesio tape) applications to support your training and rehabilitation needs.

Sports massage is not just for elite athletes, or even people who do sport, they just learnt about the benefits first. Regular massage can help you move better and get as much as you can out of your chosen activity.

We also have links with physiotherapists and personal trainers in the Harrogate area so whatever your fitness level or goals we can provide appropriate recommendations.


Yorkshire is the home and training ground for some of the country's best athletes, that's why the ITU World Triathlon Series came to Leeds in 2016 and has stayed! 

The ITU event allows age group and entry level events to take part on the same course, encouraging everyone to take part, not just the best in the world.

Find out more about the ITU Leeds Triathlon

We're here to help you be the best you can be!